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Dschen Reinecke: uIce mit Infrarotport nutzen

Stand: 09. Jan 2006

Das Fernbedienungs-Tool uICE (www.mediatexx.com) benötigt zur Funktion einen Infrarotport ohne installierte Windows-Treiber. In Version 2.7 finden sich in der Onlinehilfe unter Tips&Tricks/IrDA folgende Hinweise:

The IrDA port is an infrared transceiver port built into many newer mainboards. IrDA is a wireless network interface and therefore not intended for use with normal home remote controls. However, some models seem to work with uICE to receive infrared signals from remote controls. You may try it, but there's no guarantee that it will work.

Settings you should try:

Enable infrared support in your computer's BIOS. Do NOT install IrDA Windows drivers if Windows detects the device.

If you already have Windows 98/2000 with IrDA device drivers installed, you will experience problems accessing the IrDA COM port. You have to remove the Windows drivers first and reinstall a generic COM port to let uICE access it. Disabling the device is not enough! Note that you will not have access to the IrDA functionality any more after making these changes!

Es ist also nötig die Treiber zu deinstallieren, falls sie schon installiert sind.

Here's how to remove the virtual port and reassign a generic port:

Attention! Changing system configuration files may damage your Windows installation! This is for advanced users only who know exactly what they are doing! Always make backups of the original file! Don't blame me if you blow up your computer with this.

Make the following changes to the file msports.inf under c:\windows\inf:

Dazu ist es nötig die Datei MSPORTS.INF, die sich im INF-Verzeichnis unterhalb des Windows-Verzeichnis befindet, sicherheitskopieren und das Original in den Editor landen. Im Bereich [Std] die Zeilen in folgendes ändern:

%*PNP0400.DeviceDesc% = LptPort, *PNP0400 ; Printer Port
%*PNP0401.DeviceDesc% = EcpPort, *PNP0401 ; ECP Printer Port
%*PNP0500.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0500 ; Communications Port
%*PNP0501.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0501 ; Communications Port
;Uncomment/add the following lines:
%*PNP0510.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0510 ; Generic IR device/Comm
%*PNP0511.DeviceDesc% = ComPort, *PNP0511 ; Generic IR device/Comm
;comment/remove the following lines:
; %*PNP0510.DeviceDesc% = InfraredComPort, *PNP0510 ; IR Communications...
; %*PNP0511.DeviceDesc% = InfraredComPort, *PNP0511 ; IR Communications...

Also nur in der viert- und drittletzten Zeile das Semikolon löschen und gegebenenfalls in den letzten beiden Zeilen ein Semikolon einfügen.

Nun im Bereich [Strings] die Zeilen in folgendes ändern:

MS = "Microsoft"
Std = "(Standard port types)"
PortsClassName = "Ports (COM & LPT)"

*PNP0400.DeviceDesc = "Printer Port"
*PNP0401.DeviceDesc = "ECP Printer Port"
*PNP0500.DeviceDesc = "Communications Port"
*PNP0501.DeviceDesc = "Communications Port"
;Uncomment/add the following lines:
*PNP0510.DeviceDesc = "Generic Ir Serial Port"
*PNP0511.DeviceDesc = "Generic Ir Serial Port"
Auch hier ist es nur das zu löschende Semikolon in den beiden vorletzten Zeilen.

Und diese geänderte Datei speichern.

Now open the Device Manager and remove any occurences of virtual ports and infrared network devices (if installed):

- Virtual COM ports
- IrDa Network Adapter
- Infrared devices

In dem Gerätemanager muß nun alles mit Infrarot gelöscht werden.

Reboot your machine. Windows should now detect a "Generic Ir Serial Port".

Nach einen Neustart sollte Windows einen "Generic Ir Serial Port" finden. Folgende Einstellungen sind in uICE nötig:

Choose the Serial IR Receiver Plug-In, and make the following changes to port and device settings:

Port Settings:

· Baud rate 2400 or 4800
· 8 data bits
· No Parity
· 1 Stop bit
· DTR and RTS Line disabled

Device Settings:

· No init and response strings
· IR code length: you have to play around with this
· Tolerance set to 0, increase if samples do not match
· Learn samples set to 4 or higher

Good luck!